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BougeRV | Aspen 30 | 12V 34 Quart IceDrive Portable Fridge

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BougeRV | Aspen 30 | 12V 34 Quart IceDrive Portable Fridge


The world's first dual-system fridge that is perfect for all your outdoor adventures! With its regular dual zone control system and the unique IceDrive™ system, you can freely combine the freezer and fridge as you need, and enjoy ice cream and iced drinks anywhere.


The IceDrive™ System, can reach 0°F in just 30 minutes and maintain it below 0°F, even as low as -9°F. Don't settle for less when it comes to your outdoor adventures. Get BougeRV Aspen 30 12V 34 quart portable fridge today and enjoy fresh, ice-cold food and drinks wherever you go!


BougeRV | Aspen 30 | 12V 34 Quart IceDrive Portable Fridge


BougeRV | Aspen 30 | 12V 34 Quart IceDrive Portable Fridge


Dual-System Portable Refrigerator

The ASPEN 30 portable refrigerator has the world's first dual system (regular dual zone system + IceDrive system). In addition to having the regular dual zone control system, we have additionally designed the IceDrive system for ice cream lovers, which keeps the ice cream zone always below 0°F and allows you to store other frozen food.




Unique IceDrive™ System

The unique IceDrive™ system provides Ice-cold/Fridge mode, the Ice-cold zone can be cooled to -4 °F at the touch of a button. This Ice-cold zone can maintain a constant low temperature at 0 °F ~ -9 °F (not subject to any environmental factors) so you no longer worry about ice cream melting.

The other zone can be adjusted from 37 to 68 °F to keep other foods fresh. (Note: 30 min pre-cooling is required before putting in ice cream).


IceDrive™ Tech System is designed for ice cream lovers


External Battery Holder for 220Wh Power Station

An innovative external battery holder design allows for extra storage space inside the refrigerator, allowing for more capacity to stock up and store more of what you need! (Note: Add-on battery is optional).


Excellent and Fast Cooling
Once the IceDrive™ is activated, the ASPEN 30 can reach 0℉ in 30 minutes beating most of our competition by a mile!

Lower Power Consumption
With its ECO mode, the ASPEN 30 operates on less than 48W of power, marking it as an energy-efficient companion for all your outdoor adventures. When switched to MAX mode, it smartly cycles through power ensuring maximum performance and minimal consumption.

Multiple Charging Methods
• 12V/24V DC Power
• 110V-240V AC Home Power
• Solar Panel Charging
12V Camping Refrigerator

What's Included?

*220Wh Battery is Optional to Add


what's in the box


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ASPEN 30 Specifications:
• SKU: E0401-03101
• Model: ASPEN 30
• Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V,AC100~240V(using the adapter),Solar(12~50V)
• Capacity: 34Qt/32L
• Climate Class: T/ST/N/SN
• Weight: 16.8kg/37.04lb.
• Rated Power Input: 60W
• Noise Emission: ≤45dB
• Temperature Range: -20℃~+20℃(-4°F~+68°F)
• Dimensions(D*W*H): 710*370*423 mm (28*16.2*17.6 inch)
• Product Type: 12V Refrigerator
• Warranty: 2+2 Years
220Wh Add-On Battery Specifications:
• SKU: E0404-02201
• Capacity: 220WH
• Net Weight: 1.5KG/3.3LBS
• Product Dimensions: 7.08*3.3*3 Inches
• Solar Recharge: 12-28V, 6A 100W Max, 2 Hours 0-80%
• Car Recharge: 12V/6A, 72W Max, 3 Hours 0-80%
• AC Recharge: 12.6V/5A, 63W Max, 3.2 Hours 0-80%
• Type-C Recharge: 20V/3A, 60W Max, 3.2 Hours 0-80%
• Car Charging Output: 14.5V/9A, 130W Max
• Type-C Output: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V, 3A 60W Max
• USB-A Output: R-134a5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 18W Max




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2.) BougeRV will cover the shipping costs if you were shipped a defective or incorrect product. 

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