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BougeRV | 130W Portable Solar Kit for Outdoor Travel & Emergencies

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BougeRV | 130W Portable Solar Kit for Outdoor Travel & Emergencies




1100 Wh Portable Power Station

Learn More About the BougeRV Power Station

2X Longer Life
With an Aluminum Shell Battery Pack, the BougeRV Portable Power Station can be recharged over 1500 times, with 2X longer life than normal batteries. Ideal for home backup battery and outdoor power.
10 Ports For All
Features 3*110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, 1*USB PD 60W (Input/Output Supported), 1*USB QC3.0 ports, 2*USB-A ports, 2*DC ports, 1*12V car charging port, great for AC household appliances or large electrical devices on trips, camping or work sites, such as a full-size refrigerator, CPAP machine, TV, heater, electric grill, heated blanket, coffee maker, mini fridge, smartphone, laptop, etc.
Strong But Quiet
Aluminum housing can withstand harsh environments, protecting the power station from damage. Good heat dissipation with an aluminum shell makes little noise.

Fast Recharging
Built-in professional MPPT technology enables efficient solar charge management, allowing the power station to charge at peak efficiency. It takes only 4.5-5.5 hrs to recharge a Portable Power Station with the Bouge RV solar panel and USB-C PD 60W in the wild, and only 4.5 hrs via a 200W wall outlet and USB-C PD 60W at home.

Key Features Of BougeRV's Foldable Solar Panel

BougeRV portable 130w solar panel for summer adventures
Innovative Technology - The BougeRV 130 Watt portable solar panel features innovative 9BB (9 Bus-Bar Cell) mono solar cells, which significantly increase efficiency up to 23.5% by reducing internal resistance loss, collecting current better, and expanding the active area of the panel compared to traditional 5BB cells.

Lightweight - Weighing only 12 pounds, this foldable solar panel is easy to carry anywhere, making your travels a breeze.

Portable - With adjustable kickstands, twist latch, and protective bag included, this solar panel is foldable and easy to set up and pack up, making it perfect for any trip.

Compatibility - The 130W solar panel comes with a solar connector to DC adapter conversion cable, which allows it to charge any generator with DC 7909/DC 5521 input outlet. With the universal solar connector, the 18 volts solar panel can also charge traditional batteries, such as SLA, FLD, AGM, GEL, LiFePO4, and more.

Waterproof - The panel features EVA, monocrystalline cell, PET, and superior metal frame construction, which meets IP67 waterproof level, ensuring that it can stand up to sudden rain during your camping trips.

Stable And Solid - The kickstand and frame are made of high-quality aluminum, ensuring that this 130 watt portable solar panel can stand stable on any terrain, including grass, sand, or rocky areas. It's the perfect reliable partner for all of your travels.

Key Features Of the Portable Refrigerator

True Dual Zone
This 12V portable refrigerator boasts two independent compartments that can be controlled separately. It can function as both a fridge and a freezer simultaneously, allowing you to cool drinks and chill meat all at once.
Our Handy App Puts The Power In Your Hands
Download our app to easily and accurately control and adjust settings from your smartphone. Note: Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to download the app.
Two Cooling Modes
In ECO mode, the working power of the BougeRV CR45 is less than 45W. In MAX mode, the power consumption of its smart cycle operation is well below 1kWh per day.


Product Specifications

• SKU: ISE120M
• Battery: Lithium-ion Battery
• Cycle Life: 1500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity
• Capacity:1100Wh/50Ah
• PV Solar Recharge: 12-30V, 8A 200W Max
• DC Recharge: 12-30V, 8A 200W Max
• AC Output: 3 x 110V, 1200W (2000W Peak)
• Cigarette & DC Output: 2 x DC5521, 1x Cigarette Port, 120W Max Total
• USB-A Output: 2 x 5V/2.4A, 12W
• USB-A QC3.0 Output: 1 x 5V/3A, 15W; 9V/2A, 18W
• USB-C Output: 1 x 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A, 60W Max
• Operating Temperature: 32°F-105°F (0°C~40.5°C)
• Discharge Temperature: 14°F-113°F (-10°C~45°C)
• Charge Temperature: 32°F-113°F (0°C~45°C)
• USB-C Recharge: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A /20V 3A, 60W Max
• Weight: 13.5kg/30Lbs
• Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 14 in
• WARRANTY: 12 Months

• SKU ISE118N X0034FCBIN(1)
• Maximum Power(P max) 130±3% W
• Series Fuse Rating 10A
• Open Circuit Voltage(VOC) 22.4V
• Operating Temperature Limits -40℉ to +185℉
• Max. Power Voltage(VMP) 19.02V
• Waterproof Level IP67 IP67
• Max. Power Current(IMP) 6.83A
• Dimensions (folded) 26.6*21*2 inches
• Short Circuit Current(ISC) 7.59A
• Dimensions (unfolded) 26.6*42*1 inches
• Solar Cells Efficiency 23.5%
• Item Weight (kg/lb) 5kg/11lb
• Max. System Voltage 1000V DC
• Package Included 1*Solar Panel, 1*Fabric Suitcase, 1*Solar Connector to DC Adapter, 1*User Manual

• SKU: E0401-03501
• Model: CR35
• Rated PowerInput: 90W
• Rated Voltage: DC12V/24V,AC100~240V(using the adapter),Solar(12~50V)
• Noise Emission: ≤45dB
• Capacity: 37Qt/35L/1.3Cu.Ft.
• Temperature Range: -20℃~20℃(-4F~68F)
• Climate Class: T/ST/N/SN
• Dimensions(D*W*H): 711*460*441 mm (27.99*18.11*17.36 inch)
• Weight: 19.1kg/42.1lb.
• Warranty: 24 months
• Product Type: 12V Refrigerator


User Manual

Download Solar Panel User Manual

Download Power Station User Manual

Download Fridge User Manual



What devices can it power?
A full-size refrigerator, CPAP machine, smartphone, laptop, blender, coffee maker, pressure cooker, microwave, camera, TV, heater, electric grill, blanket, etc.
Please check your device specification before purchase.


How long can the 1100Wh power my device?
You can use this formula to calculate: 1100WH * 0.9 / operating power of your device. The duration of our equipment is based on laboratory data, and the duration of specific equipment used may vary.


Can it charge and discharge at the same time?
Yes, the 1100Wh power station supports pass-through charging, but it will decrease the battery life, so it is not recommended.


How loud is it?
The noise level will be less than 40DB.


Is the 1100Wh power station waterproof?
The 1100Wh power station is not waterproof. Please do not store it in a humid environment for a long time.


BougeRV Warranty & Returns

 Return Policy

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2.) BougeRV will cover the shipping costs if you were shipped a defective or incorrect product. 

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