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Hilltopper Discover Electric Bike (350W) | Gravel Road E-Bike

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Hilltopper Discover Electric Bike (350W) | Gravel Road E-Bike


Conquer the steepest hills and turn every day into an epic adventure! On your Discover you will be ready for anything from backwood roads to rough city streets. Powerful, lightweight, and compact 36V, 350 watt motor provides a consistent cruising speed of 20 mph and the pedal assist adds power to every pedal stroke.


While the 650b road bike wheels and wide gravel tires provide comfort and control on gravel, hard pack dirt roads, or city streets. All in a sleek, and stylish package. This is the go anywhere, do everything bike, built for those who love to ride.


Choosing the Right Size
Built to fit your body. The small frame is a step through and comfortably fits men and women 4'10 to 5'8. The medium frame fits 5'2 to 5'10, and the large frame comfortably fits 5'8 - 6'5 and over. Built for a comfortable fit on many road surfaces and over long distance.



Powerful & Compact Electric Motor

At the center of things is the Hilltopper Discover 36V 350W rear hub electric motor. Small & compact with a high torque to size ratio, this motor provides a sustained 20 mph cruising speed and higher with pedaling. The torque is roughly equal to two soul cycle instructor's combined pedal power.

The rear motor also has a built in torque sensor for smoother, instant, and reliable power transmission with every pedal stroke. Hilltopper motors are legendary for their long lifespan and are maintenance free.


The Power to Go Further, Play Harder, Last Longer

Battery range of 30 - 55 miles in a sleek, integrated design. Powering the motor is an advanced 11.4Ah lithium battery. The battery is integrated into the down tube for a sleek design and low weight distribution for better handling. It is easily removed for charging and the keyed lock keeps it safe and sound on your daily errands.


You're In Control

Throttle or pedal assist? We designed the Discover to have both so you don't have to choose. The PAS (pedal assist system), which uses the built-in torque sensor in the motor, gives you power with each pedal stroke. Choose 1 of 4 levels assist to get you where you need to go.

And hey, if the legs can't make it up that hill or you need to quickly accelerate through the intersection, the throttle is there to give you a hand. How fast are you going? What is your battery life? The small sleek LCD screen gives you all the information you need to explore that next bend with peace of mind.

Designed for Comfort and Performance - Choose Your Size

We want to make sure everyone is able to ride that is why we built the Discover in three sizes. The small frame is a step through that comfortably fits men and women 4'10 to 5'8. As a step through it is also good for people new to cycling, or enjoy a little more comfort getting on an off their bike. The medium frame comfortably fits men and women 5'2 to 5'8. The large frame comfortably fits men and women 5'8 - 6'5 and over.

With an adjustable saddle, and seat post the Discover easily accommodates many body sizes and riding styles. At 44 lbs the Discover is also one of the lightest e-bikes on the market, making it easier for everyone to carry up stairs, load onto a bus or train, or lift onto a car rack.




20+ mph cruising speed. Choose 4 levels of assist to find the speed that is best for you.

30-50+ miles of battery range.

Frame Size
Built to fit your body. The small frame is a step through and comfortably fits men and women 4'10 to 5'8. The medium frame fits 5'2 to 5'10, and the large frame comfortably fits 5'8 - 6'5 and over. Built for a comfortable fit on many road surfaces and over long distance.

44 lbs (45 lbs with front rack). Lighter than most e-bikes. Light enough to fit on a standard bike rack.

350 Watts. High torque, energy efficient motor.

36 V 350 W brushless rear hub motor with built-in speed sensor.

11.4Ah Samsung removable battery (battery weight - 5.5 lbs).

Microshift Advent 1 x 9 with 11-42 wide ratio cassette & clutch rear derailleur.

Throttle & PAS
Twist Throttle and Pedal Assist System with 4 levels of assist.

Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes w/ electric cut off.

650b aluminum rim road wheels with 47c Kenda Flintridge gravel bike tires.

Slim low profile black and white LCD display. Give the cockpit (handlebars) a sleek, clean look and feel.

Battery Lock & Gauge
Lock keeps you battery secure on the bike. The gauge lets you judge power when it's away from the bike.

Includes a front rack. Lots of braze ons make adding a rear or front rack or child seat easy.

Bike Designer Philosophy (Mark T.)
"I went for an elegant, versatile & minimalist design for people who love bicycles – no clutter, integrated technology. Built to last with durable, minimal maintenance components."

Bike Personality
A wink. Nod. Let's ride ;)



Microshift Advent 1 x 9 with 11-42 wide ratio cassette, clutch rear derailleur, and narrow wide chainring to prevent dropped chains.


Rear Hub Motor

Hilltopper 36 V 350 W brushless rear hub motor with built-in torque sensor for smoother, instant, and reliable power transmission with every pedal stroke.


Integrated Lithium Battery

The 11.4Ah Samsung removable lithium battery is integrated into the down tube for better handling and a sleek design. It has a key lock for security. Battery range of 30-50+ miles depending on power setting and how much you pedal.


Wheels / Tires

650b aluminum rim road wheels with 47c Kenda Flintridge gravel bike tires


Disc Brakes

Tektro mechanical disc brakes w/ electric cut off


LCD Display, Throttle, and Pedal Assist Sensor

Enjoy a boost every time you pedal. The pedal assist sensor gives you 4 levels of assist, and the twist throttle gives you the power when you need it. The LCD display controls how much power the motor adds to your pedal stroke, while also providing real time data on your speed, battery usage, and miles traveled.

Elegant handlebar layout and minimalist components give the Discover a clean, sleek cockpit for touring and long rides while having plenty of power at your finger tips.



What is the difference between a gravel bike and a road bike?

Simply said, a gravel bike is a combination of a road bike (happy on smooth pavement) and a mountain bike (happy playing rough and tumble in the mud). Mellow single tracks, farm roads, gravel, crushed cobblestones, rough city streets, tarmac — whatever. A gravel bike is a machine that's capable of performing on various surfaces, while sustaining comfort.

Gravel bikes like the Discover have 650b wheels with wider tires that run at a lower pressure, a slightly more upright posture, and thicker forks that can handle rougher roads. These small changes give a road bike like performance with more comfortable riding on un-paved roads. Gravel bikes like the Discover also have braze-ons (holes for screws) for connecting front and rear racks, and are a popular choice for road cyclist on long rides, bike messengers, urban commuting with bags or kids, bike camping, and long distance touring.

It is important to note that a gravel bike is NOT a mountain bike and does not have shocks and cannot take jumps, or big drops. It is still a road bike and intended for on-road use. The definition of what it means to be "on-road" is just much broader then your typical road bike, giving you the freedom to explore some wild and beautiful places.


How Fast Can I Go?

All Hilltopper electric bikes and kits have a maximum speed of 20 mph. This keeps them street legal and compliant with state laws and city ordinances in the US.


How Do I Charge My Hilltopper?

For all of our electric bikes and conversion kits we've made sure charging is easy as can be. Just a few simple steps:

• Grab the charger supplied with your Hill Topper and plug it into the wall. For the best possible performance we recommend plugging directly into the wall, avoiding the use of extension cords and power strips whenever possible.
• Once the green light on the charger comes on, go ahead and plug the barrel end into the battery.
• When the charger is connected to the battery the light should turn from green to red to indicate that it is filling up the battery.
As soon as the battery is full the light will turn back to green so you know it's done.

That's it! Follow these steps and you can rest assured you'll be ready to roll!


When Should I Charge My Hilltopper?

You can charge your Hilltopper whenever you like! All of our batteries are smart batteries with no memory affect, so there is no need to drain it fully before recharging like you would with older battery types like NiCad or others.

Generally we suggest simply charging it after every ride, or at the end of the day if you are a regular commuter. That way you always know your battery is ready to go when you are.

If you are putting the bike away for the winter or just know you won't use it for some time, we suggest charging it fully first and storing it in doors. For the absolute best life of your battery we would also suggest plugging it back into the charger every month or so to keep it topped up. Before you ask, no, unfortunately we cannot suggest simply leaving the battery plugged into the charger long term.


When You Buy a Bike Hilltopper Gives a Bike To a Child In Need

When you buy a bicycle from Hilltopper we donate a bike in your name to a child in need here in Seattle. Your gift of a bicycle helps young people develop self-reliance, leadership, and life skills at, a community driven non-profit here in Seattle. Low-income children at Bike Works receive their donated kids bike at a family bike swap. Teens receive their donated bike as part of the Earn-a-bike program, where they learn how to build and repair bicycles, put their new skills to good use by volunteering to help others fix their bike, and earn a new bike at the end.


Free Shipping / Delivery Time

Free Shipping on All Orders!

You read that right, get free shipping* on all orders! (*Applies only to orders in the contiguous 48 states.)


Shipping & Delivery Time

Hilltopper kits are hand built in batches by our team of craftspeople, and each kit is rigorously tested before leaving our shop.

For full kit purchases and any purchases containing a battery, please expect 7 - 14 business days for our team to build, test, and ship your kit.

For smaller items, such as accessories or components, please expect 1 - 3 business days for our team to process and ship your items.

For more detailed information, please check the product page of each kit for the latest updates regarding availability or email us at


Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

For all returns or warranty claims contact

• 30-day money back guarantee. Returns of undamaged conversion kits may be issued full refunds less a $50.00 restocking fee. Returns of undamaged complete bikes may be issued full refunds less a $100.00 restocking fee.
• Warranty only applies to original owner (non-transferable).
• 1-year standard warranty on all batteries. 2-year standard warranty on all other components.
• Warranties can be used for an exchange of a component only once.
• Customer pays return shipping on warrantied component inspections. Please note some battery returns may require special documentation and packaging, and these instances will encounter extra fees. This is in order to correctly comply with lithium battery shipping regulations. For all return shipping we recommend using a local shipping service like FedEx office or the UPS Store.
• If you have a quality issue with a product please contact support to help diagnose the problem. If a product does not meet our high quality standards, then we will issue you a replacement component or fix the original at no additional cost. Replacement components will only be sent after we have received your returned component and finished an inspection to determine the cause of any problems. Hill Topper Bikes is not responsible for return shipping.
• Do-It-Yourself modifications, normal wear, and damage due to gross negligence or abuse are not covered by the warranty.