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Epoch Batteries


Epoch Batteries - Premium Lithium Battery Solutions

Born from the pioneering success of 18650BatteryStore in 2013 and trusted by industry giants like NASA and SpaceX, Epoch Batteries extends its legacy by offering high-quality lithium solutions for a variety of applications.

Whether you're powering golf carts, marine vessels, RVs, electric lawn mowers, or trolling motors, Epoch Batteries ensures reliable, efficient, and safe energy storage options designed to meet your needs. 

By Voltage: 12V Batteries, 24V Batteries, 36V Batteries, 48V Batteries

By Application: Complete Lithium Battery Golf Cart Kits, Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries, Ryobi Lawn Mower Lithium Battery Kits, Home Backup / Server Rack Batteries & Kits.