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Allied Lithium Battery

Romeo Solar is an Authorized Allied Lithium Battery Dealer

Elevate your golf cart experience with Romeo Solar's exclusive collection of Allied Lithium Battery products. As a premier manufacturer of lithium batteries and battery kits designed specifically for golf carts, Allied delivers unmatched performance and durability to power your rounds with green energy. Our selection includes a range of lithium batteries and kits, expertly crafted to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your golf cart while reducing environmental impact.

Trust Allied Lithium Battery technology to provide longer-lasting power, faster recharge times, and eco-friendly energy solutions for your golfing adventures. Upgrade your golf cart with the latest in lithium battery innovation and embrace a more sustainable and enjoyable ride on the course.

Choose from all-in-one kits or individual "drop-in" batteries - each available in 36V, 48V, or 72V to fit exactly what you need.